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An increase in business opportunities and economic prosperity has changed the lifestyle of Dubai. Dubai is taking effect from a foreign culture and modern elements. Like most of the other developed cities, people here are also focusing on their health and fitness. This culture has given rise to the usage of health supplements on a large scale. Dubai is giving utmost importance to this new trend. It is the reason that health supplements are not considered food and they have a separate registration process.

Health Supplements Registration in Dubai

Health supplements are those products that are taken by mouth to provide additional nutrition in the body. These products include nutritional elements like amino acids, fats, vitamins, dietary minerals, and herbs. These nutritional supplements are available in the form of liquids, powders, tablets or capsules.
The main purpose of the registration of health supplements in Dubai is to ensure the safety of consumers. This system restricts and controls the entry of any harmful health supplement.

Benefits of Health Supplements Registration in Dubai

The business-related to health supplements is getting a lot of popularity and acceptability in Dubai. People of every age and gender are using these natural products to attain and maintain their health. It is the reason that new companies are constantly registering their products here.

Following are important benefits that attract companies from around the globe to get their health supplements registered in Dubai.

  • The population of Dubai is extremely health conscious. Both citizens and foreign residents constantly use these products and their usage is increasing rapidly. These products usually contain natural herbs and other such ingredients, so people are using these supplements freely even without medical advice.
  • The registration of health supplements in Dubai is of international standards. It is the reason that traders and merchants can re-export these products to other countries without much nuisance.
  • You can start your business in one of several free zones in Dubai. Here, you can get tax-free opportunities to import and re-export your health supplements.
  • Manufacturing and re-exporting health supplements are also feasible due to low manufacturing costs and low taxes.

Procedure for Health Supplement Registration

The main authority that deals with health supplement registration is the Dubai Municipality (DM). There are several steps for registration of health supplements.

  1. The initial step is to register a trading company in Dubai. This company will obtain the necessary licenses from authorities to become eligible for trading in health supplements.
  2. The registration process of products starts with filling e-form available on the website of the Dubai Municipality (DM).
  3. The next step is to pay the prescribed registration fee for this purpose.
  4. In the next step, the company’s representative will submit a copy of a valid label assessment of the product needed to be registered.
  5. After the fulfillment of all requirements, the registration of the product will be completed.
  6. Now, the owner or representative of the company can receive an original copy of the registration certificate from the DM office.

Requirements for Health Supplement Registration

Health supplements have a direct connection to the health and fitness of its users. Therefore, utmost care is necessary before the import or manufacturing of these products.

The following are important requirements for health supplement registration in Dubai.

  • The label of health supplements must indicate that these are supplements and are not suitable as a replacement for regular food.
  • Health supplements can only be traded by health supplement products companies. These trading companies have to get a license and registration from inside UAE.
  • Dubai Municipality (DM) is the main authority for registration of health supplements in Dubai.
  • These supplements must be free from all banned flavors, colors and ingredients.
  • Misleading health claims or wrong information will result in the banning of that product.
  • Complete details about the manufacturing company along with ingredients in the food supplements are necessary for registration.

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