Dubai is barren land with very little production of food items except for fish and dates. But its population is continuously on the rise thanks to business opportunities available here. In order to cope with this situation, the government of Dubai is administrating a sophisticated system for import and manufacture of food products in Dubai.

Food Product Registration in Dubai

This food product registration system ensures the availability of important foodstuffs in Dubai and also facilitates its re-export to foreign countries. This system is beneficial for traders, consumers and the government alike.

The food product registration system in Dubai works according to international standards. This makes it easier for authorities to handle a large number of products easily. Consumers can also get complete safety and information about any product through this system.

Benefits of Product Registration

The product registration system also provides several advantages to merchants and traders. Few important benefits include:

  • Registration of food products allows merchants to easily sell their products in a profitable market of Dubai along with the UAE and the Gulf region.
  • Food registration process in Dubai adheres to international standards. This makes it easier for merchants to re-export their food products to other foreign markets without the burden of heavy taxes and duties.
  • Food registration process in Dubai has been integrated with ZAD (federal portal for the trading of food products). This has increased quality of food products in Dubai that makes them ideal for re-export.

Requirements for Food Product Registration

Safety of food products is extremely important for the health and safety of consumers. It is the reason that traders need to follow certain rules and regulations.

Following are important requirements during food product registration process in Dubai.

  • Mentioning of brand name, product name, net weight, ingredients and manufacture/expiry date on each product is mandatory.
  • Using incorrect labels or false descriptions will result in hefty fines and cancellation of registration.
  • Ingredients of every food product must be mentioned in Arabic or English
  • Few additional documents and information will be necessary in case of imported goods. These include Halal certificate from approved Islamic organization, original health certificate from country of origin and packing list.
  • Alcohol, poppy seeds and other such products are prohibited for food registration.
  • Non-food items also don’t come under the food registration process. Items like health supplements have a separate registration process.
  • The quality of every food product will be examined through a lab test in Jebel Ali and also by federal authority ESMA (Emirates Authority for Standardization & Metrology).

Required Documents

Following are important documents that are necessary for the registration of all types of food products.

  • Barcode details
  • Ingredient list
  • Halal Certificate
  • For sale certificate (attested by UAE embassy and Chamber of Commerce from the country of origin)
  • Label Image
  • Declaration of Conformity
  • Additives (if any)

How to Register Food Products in Dubai

Registration of food products in Dubai is a complex process. The main authority for food product registration is Dubai Municipality (DM). This authority registers and regulates all food products through its FIRS (Food Import & Re-export Service) system.

Apart from that, it is also necessary to get approval from several authorities in Dubai and other federal authorities. Large number of documents are also required to be submitted in various departments.


Why Product Registration Dubai (PRD)?

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